Did you know that Florida is second only to California in the number of new cancer cases per year? And did you know that upwards of 73% of patients undergoing active treatment, 69% of those with advanced cancer or terminal disease, and 46% of those in remission will experience pain?

We know that sounds terrifying, especially when all you want to do is focus on your battle with cancer. However, don’t despair. Help and HOPE are possible. To find the best cancer pain treatment for you we recommend seeing a pain specialist with experience in cancer pain management. 80% of cancer pain can be controlled with non-pharmacologic (e.g., mindfulness, yoga, acupuncture, etc.) and pharmacologic treatments (anti-inflammatories, opioids, etc.). The rest can be helped with interventional pain procedures (e.g., injections, neurolytic procedures like celiac plexus blocks) and surgeries (e.g., intrathecal drug delivery / targeted drug delivery or better known as a “pain pump”).

You don’t have to fight your battle alone and you certainly don’t have to live in pain. Please contact your oncologist for pain management recommendations or contact Hawthorne Oncology Pain Experts – HOPE.

Stay tuned for more posts and information on topics such as cancer pain types, does cancer pain come and go, is cancer pain constant, and what are other cancer pain symptoms.

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